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Finnish Obedience Championship 2014

Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-07-14 16:24:12

Maarit and Stjerne (Theo-Viva) who has just turned 2, became 5th winner in the Finnish Obedience Championship!! That is just fantastic! Wow!! I am so happy and proud of them!

This is what Maarit writes on Facebook:
“Wooo, what a weekend! Two-day Competition for Finnish obedience championship. Amazing that Stjerne was qualified to participate the competition, more amazing that after day one Stjerne was 17th and among 20 finalists, and even more amazing that Stjerne finished day two on 5th place. Ooo-la-laa. Thank you Joan and Åsa! Thank you all who have encouraged and helped us!!! I am SO HAPPY!”

Congatulation Maarit and Stjerne:
Here is their program: Enjoy Watching!


Happy Birthday

Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-07-13 23:10:00

Happy 2nd Birthday to Theo-Viva litter: Geo, Bounty, Bounty, Mia, Mitzi and Stjerne.
Here are som fresh photos from some of the stars 🙂

Bounty (who lives in Sweden)



Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-07-13 17:09:11

Christina and Geo (Theo-Viva) have been to Obedience competition class 2 and won with 208,5p (max 220p)
And…they have qualified to Danish Championship in Obedience 2014.
Congratulation Christina….two dogs qualified! You are so great, and I am so proud!

Bounty LP1

Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-04-21 20:09:07

19-04-2014 Gitte and Bounty (Viva-Theo) got a first prize in obedience class 1, and became third best. The competition was in Sweden.
Congratulation Gitte! <3

Stjerne got her TK4

Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-04-21 10:06:15

7/4-14 Maarit and Stjerne (Theo-Viva) got their 3th 1 prize in the international class. It means that Stjerne must go to dogshow, and get at least a blue ribbon to get the title Finish Obedience Champion.
Congratulation Maarit. <3


Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-02-21 18:32:51

Stjernes owner Maarit writes :
“Stjerne had a great obedience weekend! On Saturday, she got 291.5 points in Elite class and 1st place among nine dogs. On Sunday, she got 289 points and 1st place among five dogs. Our debut in Elite class, at the end of January, wasn’t so successful (229 points) because she was absolutely too excited and we lost a lot of points because of whining. I am so happy that we were able to handle that problem Especially on Sunday she felt very nice
Now she needs one more 1st prize in Elite class and qualification ‘GOOD’ in dog show and then we are able to apply Finnish Obedience Champion title.”

Congratulations Maarit and Stjerne, you are such a great couple!

Obedience competition

Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2013-12-02 13:36:58

Yesterday I was so lucky to have 5 of Theo’s offspring around me. 4 of them were joining the DKK’s indoors Obedience competition in Sorø. 3 of the kids from Theo-Viva litter. The fifth (Bounty Dk) came to watch and of course say hello.
Do I have to tell how proud I am.
Helle/Mitzi and Gitte/Bounty joined Ob. class 1, and both did so nice. Mitzi did a great program and won the class with with 175p ( 180p is maximum).
Christina/Geo joined Ob. class 2 and got their 1 prize and a red ribbon.
Joan/Viva ….the mother of Geo, Mitzi and Bounty joined class 3 and did a superprogram and became 3 best of the day, and her first cl 3 certificate 🙂
What a day!
Look at the beautiful kids of Viva and Theo.

Bounty (Sweden)


And Bounty (Dk) who didn’t join the competition, but joined to say hello.
Mother Viva.


Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2013-11-09 20:30:36

Theo-Viva pups has several puppies which is training and competing in FCI Obedience….where my heart is 🙂
Stjerne in Finland is now 17 months old, and competing in Ob Class 3. She is doing really fine.
This is from 2/11-13 from the Finnish Border Collie clubs Championship. Look and enjoy.

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