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Cash sterilized

Health of Busydogs Posted on 2013-11-27 16:13:29

In January 2014, Cash turns 6 years old. My puppyplans with Cash as a mother is over, and I have during the last year been thinking about letting her sterilized…but it had to be done between competitions and important qualifications. Now it was perfect time.

Yes perhaps it is a bit hard twice a year when she is in heat, as I also have two males, but not that hard that it would make me take this decision.
My decision is based on avoiding problems with her uterus in future.

I had two choices…Laparoscopy ( where it will be only two small holes in Cash’s tummy) or trad. surgery.
I choose Laparoscopy and now one day after the surgery I am very, very happy for the choice.

Look at these pictures and you will understand why I am happy.
First a picture how Cash looked when I brought her home. Lol VERY sleepy, and still high…

Her tummy day 1.

and look how nice it looks already today, day 2.


Health of Busydogs Posted on 2013-02-20 19:19:17

Theo and Ziggy visited the eyedoctor today and both have eyes free of any deceases.

While waiting for the eyedrops to relax the eyes, they both felt asleep.smiley

No puppies :-(

Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-11-26 16:12:49

I’m very, very sad to tell that there will be no puppies from Cash and Theo.
It’s hard to explain why she didn’t want to mate. She is checked from tip to toe, inside out, and vets have told me she’s toptuned!

So why?? Who knows?
I don’t think I will give it another try, as she turns 4 years old in January.
She’s such a fantastic bitch, but I couldn’t forgive myself if there is a physical reason why she doesn’t want to mate, and something goes wrong in pregnancy.


Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-09-08 12:08:13

Cash’s DNA test results have now arrived, and I can happily tell that Cash’s DNA genotype of TNS, CL, CEA/CH and MDR1 is NORMAL.
Her eyes are checked for traditional eye deceases and an xtra for Glaucoma, and her eyes are perfect!! :-))

So now we have to wait for her to come in heat…. Hopefully she waits to October ( cause she has qualified for the Danish National in agility ( Dch)which is in the end of September) :-))

My plan is to mate Cash with my Theo. But IF it turns out to be that he doesn’t fancy her, I have a “plan B” dog. smiley

It has taken me three years to take this decision about this Cash puppies or not. I think it’s a huge, huge responsibility, but because of her fantastic character, working gene, and will to please I have decided to go through with it.

For further information please feel free to contact me on:
mailtoasa @


Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-08-27 02:22:02

Ziggy’s legs are getting stronger and stronger. Little by little I’m putting pressure on his leg, to build strong muscles around his knees. The knee which he injured in May, is now healed …and now I must learn to let go of my fear.
I don’t let him run and play with the other dogs yet.
He runs without leash …but i stop him when I see he thinks about running like crazy 🙂
Thursday I allowed him to fetch the metaldumbbel over the hurdle, and he was happiest ever 🙂 almost hearing him saying yes yes yes !
Here are some photos of Ziggy from last week. He is almost without coat so looks a bot funny with some coat here and there :-)))


Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-07-07 22:42:51

Yesterday Ziggy got rid of the leash in the garden for the first time in many weeks.
He walked around and couldn’t believe he could walk around without me stopping him 🙂
My beautiful boy! smiley

No WC – my bad luck again!

Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-07-07 13:07:48

The car was packed, and all I had to do before I went to sleep was bringing Ziggy’s food, and put it in portions, to make it easier for my son, who would take care of him , while I was in Paris.
5.30 am I was going to pick up Jonna and Tess, and drive to the German border, meet the girls from the team, and together drive to Hamburg, where we were taking the flight to Paris.

I lift the 20kg’s sack, and it said a *click-sound* in my nose, and all of a sudden it was blood everywheresmiley
After 30 minutes, and still bleeding like hell, I understood I needed help to make it stop.
Got to the hospital, and after burning ….and again bleeding like hell from another place in my nose, and one more time burning, I got a very clear message from the doctor:

No carrying!, No bending down!, No physic activity!, No warm shower!, No warm drinking or eating!, No sneezing at least for 3 days until the sores in my nose was healed!!

There I understood it was goodbye with Paris, and World Championship in Obedience.

Yes I’m sad, bitter and depressive, and all bad feelings you get when you have been looking forward to something sooo much…..and suddenly it’s taken away from you.

I forgot to write: no crying! cause that too can make the sore starts bleeding again…

I don’t know what bad things I must have done to have all this bad luck happening to me and my dogs, cause I believe I do my very best to be a good person, and do the right things.

Sometime life sucks smiley

Dear Danish team… thinking of you, wishing you all the best. Wish I was there! smiley

Ziggy’s Cruciate ligament

Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-05-18 12:23:17

Weeee I’m so happy….

The 4 th of May Ziggy was playing in the garden, and what exactly happened I don’t know. He was running ( as he always do…) and suddenly he hit a big ceramic pot, and how he hit it and why I don’t know. He hurt his right hindleg, and I contacted the Vet. Hospital.
As it wasn’t emergency, we decided to wait until the friday, cause then he had appointment for x raying his hips/elbows/shoulders.

The friday came and the vet said, that it was no doubt… Ziggy’s cruciate ligament was torn and needed surgery!

Yesterday I went to another vet, who is one of the best surgeons in Dk in this kind of injures. I didn’t doubt about my own vets diagnose, but for me it was a question about HOW to to the surgery, and WHO to do it.

Ken’s word was, that he didn’t think it was necessary at all to operate, cause Ziggy doesn’t limp at all, he is not loose in the knee…and he sits properly ( without angling his knee out as dogs do when they have hurt their legs) and scratches his ear with his right hindleg…lies down like a frog…= you can not tell he is hurt….so there for he send me home with Ziggy, with this plan:
6 weeks in leash ( he has been in leash for two weeks now)
if he in two weeks from now doesn’t limp or show something strange …he will start waterwalking….twice a week in 4 weeks…..and if he doesn’t show anything there…he can start to do what ever he wants to :-))

so keep fingers crossed I can keep him still and no stunts for this weeks…

I’m so glad and hopeful :-))

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