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Coffee 13 weeks and SHEEP

Herding Posted on 2014-01-25 03:07:43

When my friend Helle asked me if I wanted to come with her to Erik Holmegaard, friday morning, of course I said yes. We left friday morning at 8:30…and came to Sdr Felding 09:50.
It was really, really cold even if it was only -3 C. But because of the humid air and wind, I could not force my self to take any pictures…even if I wanted…I could not….my hands were aching from the cold.
I only got one photo of Helle and Maggie from the field…and a video from mobile of Coffee and Erik in the pen 🙂
Here’s the one with Maggie.

And here are Erik, Coffee and four sheep in the pen. //

Ziggy herding-movies

Herding Posted on 2013-11-18 10:58:43

After many weeks with only focus on Obediencetraining, we are so lucky and happy to be able to work the dogs on sheep again. We will for sure enjoy it.
Yesterday, it was such a nice autumnweather, and I had my camera with me, for taking some pictures…and with my mobile I took two videos.
Hahaha it is not the easiest to hold the mobile and also see where the dog and sheep are going. Well some zig zag way, but I think it’s worth to show what a nice worker he is, my brown boy.
First a small outrun:
// then some driving. He is such a pleasure to work with. Always listening and pleasing! Doing the best he can to understand what I want from him….and I’m not the easiest handler to understand….sorry Ziggy!


Herding Posted on 2012-11-21 16:41:27

Cash and I have been to our first herdingtrial. She did everything I demanded from her, and I’m so proud over my little girl.
We got 77p. and a 4th place.

Photocredit©Dennis Melhede.


Herding Posted on 2012-06-03 21:52:09

Wooow the weather has been perfect to train dogs…and I have been outdoors training them every day…sometime twice a day. Ziggy is doing so great both in Obedience and on sheep…it’s only a pity that he has me as a handler 🙂
Hopefully I will get some help at a sheep clinique with McGarry three week from now.

Yes new sheep :-))

Herding Posted on 2012-03-30 12:44:54

Finally the new sheep arrived, and I can assure you that I enjoy it as much as the dogs…ok almost as much as :-))

The 21.03.2012 it was a beautiful day for taking som nice pictures. Cash was joining her agilityfriend René, so no picture of her that day, but some nice one on the boyz.


Herding Posted on 2012-01-25 00:18:12

Today me and my camera went to take some pictures of Theo’s mother Siff, when she was herding Indian Runner ducks.

The ducks have been bred for centuries to stand tall and run fast. They lay egg which tastes very nice.

Many uses the Indian Runner Ducks as a supplement to occasional training on sheep, and Theo’s breeder Helle has four of them.
The weather was very cold, but very nice, and I got some nice shots of Theo’s mother Siff almost 9 years old. <3


Herding Posted on 2012-01-15 14:13:55

I’m very blessed that several of Theo’s offspring have the possibility to herd on sheep.

Yesterday three of his offspring met at Cash and Ziggy’s breeder to do some sheepdogtraining.
Two pups from Bailey-Theo litter ( almost 21 months old) and one from Olly-Theo litter ( almost 7 months old)

All dogs did so great <3<3<3

Cash’s halfbrother Kanna, was also there. It’s always nice to meet like this, and especially when the weather is sweet 🙂

Here are som pictures from yesterday.

This is Noma, who is a full sister of Ziggy.

This Cozy, who also is a fullsister of my Ziggy

This is Gingerbell Spicy Miss Loui, almost 7 months old, a daughter of Theo and Gingerbell Olimpia.


Herding Posted on 2012-01-14 00:47:26

My good health is back and me and the dogs can come out and train every day now without me coughing my lunges out. For the moment I’m in a BIG herding mode and we go almost every day to the sheep and train.

The one who develops quickest for the moment is Ziggy. Because of his knee, I have taken it easy since May 2011 to now…I’ve let it take time to heal. He wouldn’t stop herd even with a broken leg, so therefor I have started up very, very slowly. He is working longer and longer on the sheep, and thanks God, no limping. He is setting nice, strong muscles because of the training.My little red fox smiley

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