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More Theokids

Obedience Posted on 2014-07-15 11:37:45


:: Helle Vittrup Thomsen with Daisy, aka Mitzi (Theo-Viva) in Ob. Class 1

:: Christina Huebert with Cocio, aka Geo (Theo-Viva) in Ob. Class

:: Helle Hansen Søht with Noma (Theo- Daisy(Bailey)) in Ob. Class 2

:: Christina Huebert with Gingerbell Spicy Miss Loui, aka Loui (Theo-Gingerbell Olimpia in Ob. Class 3

::Åsa Eriksson with Cap, aka Ziggy (Theo-Daisy(Bailey)) in Ob. Class 3

Helle/Noma and Christina/Loui has qualified in their class with the highest points of all selected!!!


Coffee 15 weeks old

Obedience Posted on 2014-02-07 01:00:59

Coffee is now 15 weeks old and he is such a joy to play with. He knows his name, come, and release as the only words. No commands yet. I don’t want to name an exercise as long as it doesn’t look as I want.

Little by little we are getting closer where I want to add a name/command.
What he know is to please, and work for treats 🙂

Here is a film from yesterday. I am rewarding him for finding a position at my left side. To be continue:
Here is a movie from dumbbell-play
And one from holding the scent stick, and the dumbbells.

Coffee 12 weeks old

Obedience Posted on 2014-01-19 23:52:40

I hate when my life goes so quick that I can not follow. I can not understand that Coffee already is 12 weeks old!
He is really a treasure, and I love him so much. He is now 7,5kg and grows nice and steady. People keep asking me what kind of breed he is, because of his beige coat color.

and beautiful green blå eyes.

He is really a sweet pup, and such a joy watching grow up….I just wish it didn’t go so quick.
Everyday I play with him with his food as a reward. This is how it can look like.

Pippi Loui & Geo

Obedience Posted on 2013-11-10 20:42:32

Today (10/11-2013)I had a great day watching Funen Obedience Championship. I was suppose to join too, but I thought I had to work. Well, instead I could relax and watch nice obedience-work. 🙂

Two of Theo’s offspring joined, and both did very well. Geo ( Theo-Viva) joined Ob class 2 and did such a nice program on the slippery gymnastic vinyl/gummi floor. Unfortunately he misunderstood Christinas signals in the distance-control and got a zero in that exercise, but even with the zero…he was just some few points from a red ribbon.

Pippi Louis ( Theo-Olly) also with handler and owner Christina Huebert joined Ob. class 3, and did an excellent program. Even if they also had a misunderstanding and scored a zero in stand-sit-down in march they got a beautiful 257p (max 280) and a red ribbon …and their first certificate to become Danish Obedience Champion. Congratulation Christina <3

Obedience Dog of the Year 2013

Obedience Posted on 2013-11-04 11:52:55

Yesterday it was the Final of “Obedience Dog of the year” 2013 in DKK…..and Ziggy and I became SECOND WINNER in Ob. class 3. I am so happy and pleased!

We were 5 couples in the final in each class. When we started the day we were on second place…12,5p behind the leading couple. The distance from us to first winner got doubled, when end of the day 🙂

Ziggy made beautiful excercises in the hall with a very slippery carpet, and all noice which comes with an indoor-competition.

But….it costs expensive points when Ziggy runs to me in the recall from box on the commanders “RECALL!” grrr….and so excited to run out to the scentsticks that he can not sit still, when I had turn my back on the sticks …arhh :-))

To say it simple. He had a time of his life :-))


Obedience Posted on 2013-10-12 23:53:37

Yesterday I got a mail from DKK saying that Cap aka Ziggy and I have qualified to the Final of ” the Obedience dog of the Year in Danish Kennel Club, in class 3.

The Final takes place 3/11-2013 on Sealand.
Here are the results from the qualifications:
It’s five dogs in each class which qualifies to the Final, so I’m very proud of my boy <3
LP3 = Class 3.


Obedience Posted on 2013-05-20 18:40:29

I’m so happy! I have just come home from a three days International Obedience competition here on Funen.
Yesterday Ziggy was second winner and got his second certificate.
Today Ziggy won Obedienceclass 3 with 269p (max 280p) … his third certificate = The title DKLPCH … Danish Obedience Champion. Jubii
Three competitiondays in a row … so so happy for his will to work and will to please also at the third day. I’m so proud of him.

LP1 LP2 LP3 Cap

Obedience Posted on 2013-05-10 12:00:38

Thursday 9/5-2013 me and Ziggy joined our first Obedience class 3 competition. He did so great! except the scent and retrieve, which normally is his most secure exercise. He grabed the correct stick at once..but droped it..above the stick lying beside…went to the next sniffed…and went back and took the stick which he had dropped the correct one on..
came happily with the wrong one.
Normally he search from one side, and grabs the correct one directly…doesn’t need to search the other 5…and he never drops the stick. Well isn’t dogtraining wonderful :-)) LOL.
We got our first certificate even if we lost the 30 points…but not enough points to qualifie to the Danish national Championship in Obedience 2013. We have one more chance the 8th of June.
The 18+19+20/5 we will join the International Competition, so we better train hard 🙂

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