Today me and Christina Huebert drove to the southest part of Funen, and went 75 minutes with a ferry to a small island south of Funen called Drejø.

Along with us we had Coffee, and Christina’s Loui (Theo/Gingerbell Olimpia) and Geo (Theo/Viva).
The ferry was a bit crowded, but the dogs behaved perfect…and charmed everyone who look at them 🙂
There were at least six other dogs with the ferry, and some of them were very afraid of the shaky floor, and a bit loud noise from the engine…or they were just uncomfortable with all people around.
Looking at our three dogs made me so happy and proud. They were taking the situation so cool!
Before we arrived at Drejø we had look on the map, and decided where to go, and first stop were not so far from the harbor.
After 15 minutes of walking…we came to a very tiny “centrum”, where they had a church and a diningplace, and as we were hungry, we stoped there and had a brunch, and the dogs could relax in the shadow.
After the brunch we started our little sightseeing 🙂

We past the church, and came down to the beach, and the dogs jumped into the water.
Loui is like a fish, and swim, swim and swim along the beach, while Geo and Coffee ran in and out the sea. After being at the beach for a while, Coffee also start to swim along the beach, and did not want to come out of the water….so in the end I had to put a leash on him, keeping him from the water. As he never had been into salty water that long before, I did not know how much salty water he had sunk, and how it would affect on his stomach…when we had the 75 minutes back on the ferry.smiley

So me and Coffee sat and watched the three fishes ….yes now Christina also had jumped in. 🙂

Can’t you see them swimming? Look after good…..they are there! :-))

The ferry left 16:15 from Drejø…..and the dogs were relaxed and sleepy after being out it the beautiful weather all afternoon, walking or swimming.

Coffee felt a sleep on the floor.

And Geo…on the chair….

Thank you Christina for a fantastic day! smiley