It’s a loooong time since I wrote about the youngest boy in the pack…Coffee…so it’s about time now.
Coffee has the sweetest mind he always has had, from day one I got him. I have actually never seen him get angry, not even once, at other dogs or people. He loves everybody and thinks that everybody are as sweet as him.
He is very social, and loves to cuddle with everybody if he can….but not when we are working. When we are working he is very nice focused on me, and he is in general very concentreited and a THINKING dog. He looooves to run fast…but thanks God he uses his brain!
When I got him, I had a lot of thinking before….because of Theo, Cash and Ziggy…thinking: what if this new pup will turn up side down in the very well working pack I had….what if it turns out the new is a beast…dominating and unfair….brrr, so yes I had a LOT of thinking before saying yes….
But I didn’t have to worry. Coffee has come into the pack very smooth, as he is a lover not a fighter! He treats the three other older dogs with deep respect. It’s really fantastic to see!
Four days from now he become 9 months old (23/7) and he is 52,5cm and 15kg.
More to come about Coffee (My Trusted Friend Loves Coffee)