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Dania Cup 2014

Agility Posted on 2014-07-14 16:46:14

René and Cash have been joining Dania Cup all week, and weee they were among the 25 best = joined the Final …..and WEEEE they became 3rd Winner!

To become 3rd winner among all those great handlers and dogs who were joining Dania Cup Final. It’s just WOW in my eyes!
René is such a great handler….and Cash…yes, she’s a very special dog!
Please have in mind that Cash lives with me, and not with René! That makes their 3rd prize to something xtra …doesn’t it?? I believe so!!!

Here are their Final run….and oooh I wish I could be there watching them live in the final.
Please Enjoy!
Thank you Jim Hempel for the video.

Finnish Obedience Championship 2014

Offspring (Viva-Theo) Posted on 2014-07-14 16:24:12

Maarit and Stjerne (Theo-Viva) who has just turned 2, became 5th winner in the Finnish Obedience Championship!! That is just fantastic! Wow!! I am so happy and proud of them!

This is what Maarit writes on Facebook:
“Wooo, what a weekend! Two-day Competition for Finnish obedience championship. Amazing that Stjerne was qualified to participate the competition, more amazing that after day one Stjerne was 17th and among 20 finalists, and even more amazing that Stjerne finished day two on 5th place. Ooo-la-laa. Thank you Joan and Åsa! Thank you all who have encouraged and helped us!!! I am SO HAPPY!”

Congatulation Maarit and Stjerne:
Here is their program: Enjoy Watching!


Rally Championship

Offspring (April-Theo) Posted on 2014-07-14 16:12:46


Alice and Ashlyn (Theo-Born in April from Thircan’s Dream) has qualified to the Danish Championship in Rally Obedience.
Ashlyn is the brown/white dog to the right on the picture. Theo dog to left is Alice other BC, Shuma.

World Championship in Agility

Agility Posted on 2014-07-14 15:22:50


I have four Border Collies. Cash, my 6 years old bitch has been active in agility since she turned 1 years old. Oh no…not with me, but with some friends.
Not because she need to be activated. My dogs has always had enough in their life…that’s my responsibility when I get a new member in my pack. If I don’t have time to activate them, I would never ever get another dog…or any dog! She is doing agility because I thought she would love it…and be good at it….and for sure I was right 🙂
She is with her 46,4cm and 12,8kg athletic and very, very agile, beside she has such a will to please.

The last 2 years, Cash has had a lot pf fun with René Jeppesen, where they have been training and competing in agility, and they have become really good! Cash is now both Danish Agility Champion, and Danish Jump Champion ( beside she is Danish Obedience Champion, and winner of the Danish Championship in Obedience 2010, and is a great sheepdog)

Last year they was selected for the Danish agility team….but as the WC was in South Africa, the team was instead sent to join European Open.

This year, René and Cash have been around all Denmark in the hunting of points to be selected for the Danish team, and the 22-06-2014 the selection was done…..and wow, they are selected for the Danish team 2014 and will run both individual and for the team, both to Nordic Championship AND the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Agility 2014.

I am soooo proud, and happy for René and Cash’s selection. That is so WOW!!

Happy Birthday

Offspring (April-Theo) Posted on 2014-07-14 14:58:50

Happy Birthday to Theo-Gingerbell Olimpia litter…..3 years old today! <3
On the picture Loui, from that day in February when she got her Title Danish Obedience Champion.

Ziggy Puppies

Offspring (Grace-Cap) Posted on 2014-07-14 14:54:09

08.06.2014 Toska von den Buschchaoen gave birth to six beautiful tricolored pups, three girls, three boys.
Today when I’m updating, they are 4 weeks old. All pups are spoken for.
This is Davee

Dare to Fly:


Deepest Praise: