I have just got a textmessage saying, that Cash and René Jeppesen have today won Ag 3 in the Border Collie clubs indoor competiton in Vallensbæk.

It’s a rather huge indoor-competiton where large dogs are competing all saturday, , and Medium, Small dogs tomorrow sunday, so GOOD JOB RENÉ AND CASH. 🙂

And what is also so great is that Cash has become “AG3 -DOG OF THE YEAR 2013” in the danish Border Collie club, in a shared 1.place with Cia, owned by Tina Hindsgaul. Jubiii!

Every thursday Cash sits by the front door, waiting for René to pick her up, taking her to training.

Since she was 1 years old some friends has borrowed her for agility. René is her third handler, and the one who has given her Danish Jump and Agility Champion titles, and 2013 they were selected for the danish national team. They are so good together.
Wonder what 2014 will bring? Let’s see! What is most importent…they have FUN!