In January 2014, Cash turns 6 years old. My puppyplans with Cash as a mother is over, and I have during the last year been thinking about letting her sterilized…but it had to be done between competitions and important qualifications. Now it was perfect time.

Yes perhaps it is a bit hard twice a year when she is in heat, as I also have two males, but not that hard that it would make me take this decision.
My decision is based on avoiding problems with her uterus in future.

I had two choices…Laparoscopy ( where it will be only two small holes in Cash’s tummy) or trad. surgery.
I choose Laparoscopy and now one day after the surgery I am very, very happy for the choice.

Look at these pictures and you will understand why I am happy.
First a picture how Cash looked when I brought her home. Lol VERY sleepy, and still high…

Her tummy day 1.

and look how nice it looks already today, day 2.