Life is sometime so incredible cruel . The 27th of August little Citu (Nice of you to come bye toffee twist) died from a snake bite, only 3 months old. smiley

I should have written something about the big lost long time ago…but I just couldn’t pull myself together and put words on my feelings, caused it turned my heart inside out everytime I tried.
Also now while writing this, tears are falling, and I can only imagine how sad and how much pain her owner Minna and Citus breeder Danielle must feel. I’m so sorry Minna and Danielle smiley

I’m very greatful to have met this beautiful little girl, while shortly visiting Danielle in Holland.
She was such a sweet and trustful sweet girl, and I’ll never forget her.

R.I.P Little Citu, sweet little angle.

Photocredit ©Minna Isokoski