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Offspring (Lynn-Cap) Posted on 2012-10-28 20:18:18

Life is sometime so incredible cruel . The 27th of August little Citu (Nice of you to come bye toffee twist) died from a snake bite, only 3 months old. smiley

I should have written something about the big lost long time ago…but I just couldn’t pull myself together and put words on my feelings, caused it turned my heart inside out everytime I tried.
Also now while writing this, tears are falling, and I can only imagine how sad and how much pain her owner Minna and Citus breeder Danielle must feel. I’m so sorry Minna and Danielle smiley

I’m very greatful to have met this beautiful little girl, while shortly visiting Danielle in Holland.
She was such a sweet and trustful sweet girl, and I’ll never forget her.

R.I.P Little Citu, sweet little angle.

Photocredit ©Minna Isokoski

Ziggy LP2

Obedience Posted on 2012-10-28 13:22:41

The 14th of October me and Ziggy went to join our second Obedience competition. This time in OB. Class 2. It was an official and at the same time and unofficial…2 competitions in 1.

Ok perhaps three if you think about it’s a competition which also counts for qualification for The FCI Danish National in Obedience 2013.

Ziggy was just Ziggy smiley, and we won The Funen Championship, and the Official competition and now Ziggy can add two titles to his Pedigree name: LP1 LP2 Cap smiley

To get the title LP2 you must get more then 180p ….and he got 216,5p ( max 220)

Next step is in November when we will join an indoor competition. Also in class 2.
From 2013 we will join the class 3.

I love my brown boy smiley