I have always said that none of my boys would be used as a stud before the age of 2…but Ziggy shows so much good qualities at 22 months old, that I couldn’t say no to Danielle, kennel Nice of you to Come Bye, when she asked if Ziggy could cover her Canen Lynn.
I did some detective work about Lynn, and everywhere people said…such a nice bitch, and very nice pedigree.
Danielle and Lynn arrived at Odense ind the middle of the night, the night between Monday and Tuesday, and the two started to flirt at once, and after some playing they mated… and again at noon the same day. We took some pictures and, Danielle and Lynn went back to Holland.
Lynn is like Ziggy a very friendly and happy BC, and they fit each other very well.
I believe their pups will be stunning. smileyNow we have to wait and see if she is pregnant….x fingers!

Here are some pictures of Lynn. She’s such a beauty!