Cash’s DNA test results have now arrived, and I can happily tell that Cash’s DNA genotype of TNS, CL, CEA/CH and MDR1 is NORMAL.
Her eyes are checked for traditional eye deceases and an xtra for Glaucoma, and her eyes are perfect!! :-))

So now we have to wait for her to come in heat…. Hopefully she waits to October ( cause she has qualified for the Danish National in agility ( Dch)which is in the end of September) :-))

My plan is to mate Cash with my Theo. But IF it turns out to be that he doesn’t fancy her, I have a “plan B” dog. smiley

It has taken me three years to take this decision about this Cash puppies or not. I think it’s a huge, huge responsibility, but because of her fantastic character, working gene, and will to please I have decided to go through with it.

For further information please feel free to contact me on:
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