The car was packed, and all I had to do before I went to sleep was bringing Ziggy’s food, and put it in portions, to make it easier for my son, who would take care of him , while I was in Paris.
5.30 am I was going to pick up Jonna and Tess, and drive to the German border, meet the girls from the team, and together drive to Hamburg, where we were taking the flight to Paris.

I lift the 20kg’s sack, and it said a *click-sound* in my nose, and all of a sudden it was blood everywheresmiley
After 30 minutes, and still bleeding like hell, I understood I needed help to make it stop.
Got to the hospital, and after burning ….and again bleeding like hell from another place in my nose, and one more time burning, I got a very clear message from the doctor:

No carrying!, No bending down!, No physic activity!, No warm shower!, No warm drinking or eating!, No sneezing at least for 3 days until the sores in my nose was healed!!

There I understood it was goodbye with Paris, and World Championship in Obedience.

Yes I’m sad, bitter and depressive, and all bad feelings you get when you have been looking forward to something sooo much…..and suddenly it’s taken away from you.

I forgot to write: no crying! cause that too can make the sore starts bleeding again…

I don’t know what bad things I must have done to have all this bad luck happening to me and my dogs, cause I believe I do my very best to be a good person, and do the right things.

Sometime life sucks smiley

Dear Danish team… thinking of you, wishing you all the best. Wish I was there! smiley