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WC in Obedience 2011

Obedience Posted on 2011-05-18 12:29:33

I am so proud and so happy!!!!

Theo and I are selected to join FCI World Championship in Obedience 2011 in Paris in July!
woooow I have thousend of butterflies in my tummy…good ones!!

Ziggy’s Cruciate ligament

Health of Busydogs Posted on 2011-05-18 12:23:17

Weeee I’m so happy….

The 4 th of May Ziggy was playing in the garden, and what exactly happened I don’t know. He was running ( as he always do…) and suddenly he hit a big ceramic pot, and how he hit it and why I don’t know. He hurt his right hindleg, and I contacted the Vet. Hospital.
As it wasn’t emergency, we decided to wait until the friday, cause then he had appointment for x raying his hips/elbows/shoulders.

The friday came and the vet said, that it was no doubt… Ziggy’s cruciate ligament was torn and needed surgery!

Yesterday I went to another vet, who is one of the best surgeons in Dk in this kind of injures. I didn’t doubt about my own vets diagnose, but for me it was a question about HOW to to the surgery, and WHO to do it.

Ken’s word was, that he didn’t think it was necessary at all to operate, cause Ziggy doesn’t limp at all, he is not loose in the knee…and he sits properly ( without angling his knee out as dogs do when they have hurt their legs) and scratches his ear with his right hindleg…lies down like a frog…= you can not tell he is hurt….so there for he send me home with Ziggy, with this plan:
6 weeks in leash ( he has been in leash for two weeks now)
if he in two weeks from now doesn’t limp or show something strange …he will start waterwalking….twice a week in 4 weeks…..and if he doesn’t show anything there…he can start to do what ever he wants to :-))

so keep fingers crossed I can keep him still and no stunts for this weeks…

I’m so glad and hopeful :-))